Clear Blue Media has developed a variety of mobile and desktop games including educational and serious games.

Full Scale Attack

Learn the musical scales while saving the world! A large number of ships are approaching earth. Some of them are friendly, but others are trying to destroy the world! Using the musical scales as code, protect friendly ships that belong in the scale and destroy the other ships that do not. The more you know your scales, the better you can defend earth. Hitting a friendly ship will damage your space turret which is repaired at the start of every wave. However, any enemy ships that make it to earth will explode and permanently damage the planet. The scales change every wave to throw the enemy off, but they will start sending advanced ships that will be harder to hit. Good luck, you are earth’s only hope against the Full Scale Attack!

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Octoplay is a musical memory game. Match the pitches and the patterns played by the Octopus, and see how long you can keep up!

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Hidden Music Symbols

Find the hidden music symbols in the clutter!

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Dexterity Now

Dexterity Now is designed to aid in building response-time skills for playing piano and guitar. Tap the numbered box on the screen as quickly as possible and a new box will appear; tap all of the boxes as soon as you see them and replay levels to improve your overall response-time.

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Before Heaven

Before Heaven is an epic music-oriented RPG coming soon from Clear Blue Media and KnockOut Media

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